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Buddy system

Saturday 04 February 2017 at 03:27 am.

The buddy system is the best thing for people who are in the same undertaking.  It is a matter of looking after each other.  It is more on understanding each other’s strength and weaknesses.  People in that group have each other’s back.  If one guy cannot handle something the other guys make sure they help or one simply takes charge on taking care of it.  Reality shows on TV have teams compete with each other where they promote the buddy system.

During the days that stag party was a thing for guys, they come up with Stag weekend Ideas.   Stag events are commonly attended by a good number of males.  If they come up with team competition, they usually appoint one or two of them to be arbiters.


Buddies can come up with projects they can do during weekends.  A project does not have to be done or completed in just one weekend.  It will prove to be more interesting to have a project that can take several weekends before it can be done.  A good example is a project car that can be fixed u to look good and make it roadworthy again.  One thing nice with a project like this is that they can plan on what to do in the coming weekends.

Projects do not have to involve big finances unless of course it is not a problem for the guys who go that stag weekend project.  If it needs some funding, they can even have a stag event to raise funds for their project.


The most important thing with stag events is to be enjoyed by the guys.  The enjoyment of guys in stag parties or outings is their main concern.  It is a sort of getaway from all the things they do regularly.  It makes them relax and not thinking of what needs to be done in respective places.