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How to Get Cheap YouTube Views Explained

Tuesday 07 February 2017 at 01:21 am.

Professional companies and corporations are now looking into using YouTube for the sake of promoting their stuff, but they seemingly lack the knowledge and savvy of YouTubers or ordinary people who've been using YouTube for more than 10 years now (since its inception, even). These executives take one look at the simple and versatile format of YouTube then think that they can do what vloggers can do, but better because they have a budget. However, it takes more than cheap youtube views or view botting to make it big in this platform. Just because YouTube is for free and something that amateurs can use to become famous, it doesn't necessarily mean your marketing budget will give you an advantage. People who use YouTube are smart. They figured out LonelyGirl15 is fake.

How to Take Advantage of YouTube

  • With that said, how can you stand out at YouTube? It seems like on the amateur YouTuber side is home to movie reviewers, makeup tutorials, lip synchers, gamers, comedians, vloggers, pranksters, YouTube drama channels, animators, and much more. As for the professional YouTube scene, you have talk show hosts, artists, musicians, and whole corporations featuring official channels (like Apple or the WWE). All of it is for free.
  • It's free publicity in one place. However, there's a catch. The free market controls all and you're dealing with the stiffest of competition. You have the Smosh comedy channel that's one of the first YouTubers to hit it big. You have gaming's PewDiePie as the most subscribed channel. You have the old guard like Kid's React and Fred who makes child-friendly content or Ray William Johnson who used to dominate YouTube with his reactions to viral videos.
  • So how can you compete? You can do so by buying cheap YouTube view increasers that increase your views without view botting but instead through actual real YouTube users who share your video through their social media connections, so there's traction to getting your videos and channel famous regardless of what you're selling, what ideas you want to share, or what type of content you wish to entertain your audience with.