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Taking Care of Your Cheap Jerseys

Tuesday 07 February 2017 at 03:53 am.

Admit it no matter how cheap or expensive something is, its sentimental value is much more important than its cost. Whether it was given to you by someone important or you worked hard just to afford purchasing it. The jersey could possibly be significant to you because of the memories it holds, or how it proves your loyalty to your favorite team, or a memorabilia of probably the first ever game you watched. But sad to say, it’s not that easy to take care of anything within your wardrobe specially those jerseys. Let me share to you some tips on how I take care of mine.


Anything, cheap or expensive, if used too much would get worn. Basically, if you value your jersey that much I advice you not to use it too often. And it is basic knowledge that these jerseys would be used casually only, thus exposing it to possible stains and damage. If you want to keep your jersey’s condition you might want to limit your usage to maybe at most once a month or two.


Another great factor for maintaining the quality and condition of our jerseys is the method that we use to clean it. Almost all of the time, expensive jerseys indicate the method of how you should wash your jerseys. But for those cheap jerseys around there, whether they were tailored for your fit or are perfect copies or replicas you might not be directly informed on how to wash or clean these.

If the jersey was used too much exposing it to sweat, smoke, and dust, you might want to consider washing it. I would not recommend that you machine wash it along with your other clothes, this might cause those prints or patches to peel off. It would be much safer to just hand wash it along with other sensitive materials.