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Graphics or Gameplay?

Monday 13 February 2017 at 01:46 am.

 Most people play videogames for fun or just a way to pass the time. When it also comes to videogames different people have different reasons for buying them. Two of the most prominent reasons would be graphics or gameplay. The other reasons would be namesake, story and others. When it also comes to graphics and gameplay, most videogame systems nowadays can have the latest graphics and aesthetics. Check check xoboxeros and other sites for more console information. Now is it better to play a game for the graphics or for the gameplay?

A few valid points on both

l  It is of course a given that neither can be good on their own. One cannot just play the game even if the graphics is good but the gameplay is broken and buggy.

l  It goes the same for gameplay, even if the gameplay is good but the graphics are really that bad then most people would be annoyed to play them. More information on xoboxeros on http://xoboxeros.com/.

l  A good balance can be needed but one doesn’t have to be too overwhelming. Just like when the game has good gameplay, the graphics don’t have to be too high end. Even with pixels and blocks that look appealing and a good gameplay can make the game really enjoyable.

Why some people choose one over the other

l  Graphics can be pretty alluring especially in today’s gaming industry. Most developers will go for aesthetics but not necessarily forsake the gameplay aspect. Graphics are usually the first thing that people would see hence they have to make it pretty.

l  Gameplay is also good as it is like a hook for the game. It doesn’t matter how pretty the game is if the gameplay is broken and buggy. The good thing is that nowadays developers can just patch or fix any broken aspects of any game.

Graphics and gameplay need to work hand in hand to make a good game and one can’t be better over the other.