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Wednesday 15 February 2017 at 02:27 am.

Despite the popularity of Counter Strike, csgo news reveals that its developers are still on the hunt in hooking up newbie players and keeping the status of Counter Strike as one of the top most played online multi-player PC game. If you think this phenomenal game just involves shoot and aim, think again. Here are some of the must know reasons for newbies who are looking to be hooked on Counter Strike.

 You Must Have Internet Connection

You can play Counter Strike alone without internet, but where’s the fun in that, right? The attraction of Counter Strike is its multi-player features. In order to enjoy this, you must always be plugged to the internet in order to interact with other Counter Strike addicts around the globe. If PC is your mode of play, then this is a necessity.

 The Cost of Buying the Original Game

Technology has really indeed revolutionized the gaming world to the extent that it allows illegal piracy of games. Unfortunately, a lot of people would rather buy the knock off promising a lot of things because of the cheap price rather than investing on the original one. The csgo news confirms that these knock offs will not give you the best features you usually get from an original one. If you want to enjoy the features of Counter Strike without a glitch, then buy the original game rather than its knock off.

 Where You Want to Play It

Counter Strike is designed to be played in your PC, Playstation, and Xbox. If you’re seriously into this game, know your choice of gaming tool.  The csgo news will tell you that there are certain versions of the Counter Strike game that best suited for a particular type of PC. It’s important that you know those technical aspects. For more information on starting your Counter Strike experience go to csgo news.